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All good things must come to an end - for now.

Unfortunately, TeenGamingNights.net is ceasing operations, and that includes our Minecraft survival server shutting down, effective immediately. I would like to personally apologize to the community, it was planned for an announcement to be made earlier this week for it not to appear abruptly sudden. I'm sure you've heard those rumours for June 10th, they were infact true!

Founded in 2013, initially as TeenGamingNights (TGN), a gaming splinter of r /teenagers by an earlier head moderator - by 2014 grew into its own subreddit, r/teengamingnights. During 2016, TGN was revived and had a Minecraft server through 1.8.8-1.11.2 before closing January 2017.

After a period of downtime, a reworked 1.12.2 server was released December 2017 with a map reset February 2018 that lasted until December 2018. During this time, TGN expanded into it's own Discord and several other games were supported including: CSGO, Destiny, Fortnite, OSU, and Overwatch.

What was supposed to be an interim position until I found the proper replacement, I took over control of TeenGamingNights just before January 2019. Where we introduced our Old School Minecraft 1.13.2 server and 10 supported games with their own categories on the Discord! The 1.13.2 server boasted just over 14,000 unique logins, the subreddit appealed to 21,000 subscribers, and the Discord chattered with 5,200 gaming enthusiasts. In August 2019, the TeenGamingNights community separated from r/teenagers. The former discord and subreddit were irrevocably locked, as we made our new home here.

September 2019 and onwards, our 1.14.4 - 1.15.2 server prospered until today in June 2020! Just shy of 4500 players in this iteration, many changes were made and a lot more community involvement was had!

We hope that the community continues to grow despite this sudden change, and that we can eventually return to our lovely support for the Minecraft franchise. I'm sure many may be confused at what the future holds for TeenGamingNights.net, and frankly we're not too sure either. I believe that there is a really close tight-knit community here and that alone should not be thrown away and archived for good. As we transition away from a business with revenue and expenses back to a community with no strings attached, I hope it follows with more traditional game events and involvement.

Thank you for playing, I hope you stick around.


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